About Buzz Points

Buzz Points is a next generation loyalty and rewards programs which brings consumers, locally owned businesses and community financial institutions together to support the local economy and make your money work harder for you. Amongst the myriad of points-based programs in the market today, our cutting edge platform truly stands away from the pack. Buzz Points brings the best of Buy Local campaigns, rewards and loyalty programs, and marketing services to create a win-win-win situation.
Buzz Points means different things to different people…It’s a free account feature that rewards customers and members of financial institutions, a turn-key marketing service for businesses, and a way for financial institutions to improve their customers experience. Here are some of the ways Buzz Points can benefit you…


Once you have enrolled, you begin earning points for using your Buzz Points enrolled debit card. These points can be redeemed for gift cards from a wide variety of local businesses.

Buzz Points is a free feature of your debit card account, and integrates seamlessly into your financial activities. Points are automatically credited to your account and can be redeemed easily from within the Buzz Points interface.

Local businesses join as Buzz Points Merchants and offer bonus points, eLoyalty cards, and gift card rewards to Buzz Points Users. Through a variety of marketing activities, Buzz Points connects these merchants to the users providing the users great opportunities and merchants added exposure.


Through directed email campaigns, social media management and increased web presence, Buzz Points brings more customers to your door

Buzz Points Merchants offer bonus points to Buzz Points Users, increasing the likelihood of repeat customers looking to gather enough points for their next reward. Merchants can also create unique eLoyalty cards, further incentivizing repeated visits to your establishment.

We do the work, you reap the rewards…once you have joined as a Buzz Points Merchant we take care of the marketing. You simply need to provide your logo and make some decisions about your bonus point and eLoyalty card and we will connect the customer with you. Merchant fees are based on the amount of Buzz Points they award users in a given period, so your monthly bill will be a reflection of how much extra business you received by being in the Buzz Points network.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions can offer incentives to their account holders for using their services. Higher payroll direct deposit enrollment, more consumer loans taken out; whatever services you offer, you can generate more adoption with Buzz Points.

Buzz Points integrates with your debit card accounts, consumer or business, to provide added value to your account holders. More value, more accounts.

Buzz Points encourages account holders to choose credit, rather than debit, when finalizing their transactions.

Customer Support

Email:    support@buzzpoints.com
Phone:    877-577-BUZZ(2899)

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