Small Biz Spotlight – Cornucopia Foods


When Bud Stockwell first started selling natural foods 37 years ago, he was a wide-eyed twenty-something who wanted to change the world when people who worked in this industry existed on the fringe.

cornucopia-02More than three decades later, the fever still burns within Cornucopia Foods and its staff to help educate and make healthier food available to the community. No longer on the fringe, with places like Whole Foods now a household name, this small business makes its mark by offering in-depth product knowledge, great customer service, and high product standards.

“Our biggest problem has been growing competition,” Stockwell says. “As the popularity of natural foods has increased, so has the competition. Customers have many avenues for getting the products we sell. It’s so easy and seductive to shop over the internet. We make sure that we are warm and friendly, helpful and provide great products they want at a fair price.” 

Honesty and integrity are two other hallmarks that help Cornucopia stand out among online options and big box stores.

“We are doing more than just selling products, we’re selling products that enhance your health,” Stockwell says. “Because we are valued for our product knowledge, we have to be scrupulously honest. Plus, what goes around comes around.”cornucopia-03

The youthful enthusiasm that started the store still permeates the missionsomething that customers can see through their active social media channels including Facebook and Instagram.

That “changing the world” mindset can be seen both inside and outside the store as well. Stockwell is involved with a variety of civic groups and local causes.

“Cornucopia is located in a city that I love and I am invested in strengthening it in any way that I can,” Stockwell says. “I try to take a proactive approach, looking for solutions to issues instead of just complaining about things.” 

It’s that community, that sense of purpose, that keeps Stockwell excited to go to work every day. He’s very proud of his store and what his staff has accomplished and his community should be proud, too.