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New Study: Debit Trends, Benchmarks, and Revenue Opportunities

The 2015 Debit Issuer Study is here. The annual report commissioned by PULSE® has been a bellwether for card issuers for the past ten years, providing key measurements, trends, and invaluable insights. This year’s study delivers more qualitative and quantitative data derived from meticulous primary research (conducted by Oliver Wyman). Here we’ll take a look […]

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Charitable Rewards Make Sense (and Dollars)

For thousands of years philosophers have asked: are humans inherently good (only to be soiled by society) or inherently bad (with social norms keeping us in check). This post doesn’t aim to solve what has confounded philosophers and scientists since Plato’s time. But it will illuminate ways to extend the human desire to do good […]


Bank’s Rewards Program Creates ‘Buzz’ for Local Businesses

Franklin Savings Bank has become the first financial institution in New Hampshire to introduce a rewards program designed strengthen the regional economy by encouraging its customers to patronize local, independent merchants, while at the same time providing these businesses with the means to expand their markets and increase their sales. “As a community bank with […]