Buzz Points Fuels Growth for Communities in 2015

With the help of our financial institution partners, Buzz Points had a record breaking 2015, delivering more points to consumers and providing more marketing capabilities to locally owned businesses than ever before. In 2015, Buzz Points: Launched nine new community financial partners, giving a combined total of over 65,000 more cardholders the ability to give […]


Going Beyond Rewards Programs

If you’ve read this blog in the past, then you probably know what Buzz Points is about. We’re a rewards program that drives revenue and retention for financial institutions through a localized rewards program and data-driven marketing solutions. People love being a part of something, especially when it comes to their community. Buzz Points is […]

Marketing Preview

Get More From Your Financial Marketing

With the landscape of the banking world constantly shifting and changing, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to spend your time, energy, and resources in regards to marketing. On one hand, marketing can be expensive and a hit-or-miss prospect, yet it’s essential to informing consumers about your brand and products. Financial marketing is a necessity […]


Redeem For Charity Overview

With the recent completion of our “Redeem For Charity” competition, we were left with some pretty amazing numbers for donations of points to local charities. Our financial institution partners knocked this event out of the park! We wanted to take a moment and recognize the few who went above and finished atop their respective tracking […]