Small Biz Spotlight – Cornucopia Foods

When Bud Stockwell first started selling natural foods 37 years ago, he was a wide-eyed twenty-something who wanted to change the world when people who worked in this industry existed on the fringe. More than three decades later, the fever still burns within Cornucopia Foods and its staff to help educate and make healthier food […]


Small Biz Spotlight – Agave Healing Arts

Massage is one of those health enhancers that has been proven time and time again to greatly improve many areas of your physical life. Many times, however, massage is considered to be a treat or an indulgence, making it less likely for people to incorporate them into a regular health regimen. That’s where Nichole Nanez […]


Small Biz Spotlight – Ranch House Diner

There’s just nothing like really well made country cooking, and if that’s what you’re craving for lunch, you’ll certainly want to try out Ranch House Diner in Columbus, MS. This classic mom and pop diner is the type of place where customers feel like they’re stepping into the home of a close family member for […]


Four Reasons to Support Small Businesses on Saturday…and Every Day

The “go local” movement has gained significant traction over the past five years and is expected to continue its acceleration, given the preferences of emerging generations, like Millennials. This is evidenced in part by the continued growth of Shop Local Saturday™, which was created to draw attention to supporting small businesses across the country. Many […]


Small Biz Spotlight – Worden’s Market & Deli

If you’re looking to take a step back in time and walk away with a hand full of some of the best wines, cigars, and deli items on the market, you’ll want to spend some time at Worden’s Market & Deli in Missoula, MT. Worden’s was established around 1883, and is Missoula’s first grocery store. […]